Have you ever experienced any sort of trauma or PTSD that you’d like to recover and move along from? Trauma can live in our bodies for a long time and it doesn’t feel good. We may feel fear, anxiety, depression, shame and panic. 

Luckily, there are ways to move past these types of feelings without having to dig too deep into the past and resurface all of that hurt. 

Transitions Counselling in Langley is happy to be offering EMDR with Colleen Franklin, MACP. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what EMDR is, what it can help with and share a little more about Colleen. 

What is EMDR and what does it stand for?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It’s psychotherapy, evidence-based treatment that was originally designed to alleviate distress associated with PTSD symptoms. Since then EMDR has shown to be effective for many issues.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR has become a really well researched form of treatment for PTSD. It sees trauma as stuck in a person’s mind and that’s why people tend to see flashbacks. 

What’s the purpose of EMDR?

The purpose is to help your left and right brain to come together and process the traumatic experiences within your mind. When you work with an EMDR specialist, you will work together to move that traumatic experience into a past memory. While you will never forget the experience, you can move away from it and let it stay in the past. 

EMDR allows you to process the experience and move past it, empowering you to not be emotionally overwhelmed by it anymore.

What happens in an EMDR session?

At Transitions Counselling, when you work with Colleen Franklin, you will receive in-depth care. EMDR is available for anyone 8 years and older. A small assessment package will be sent to you. During the first session (in person or virtually), Colleen will begin by explaining each step of EMDR treatment to you so that you always know what to expect at each step along the way. She will help you to develop coping tools that you can use in-between sessions, then you will go through a brief history. This is done to help her identify other experiences in your life that may be linked with the trauma symptoms. Once this is complete we will begin working to resolve your trauma memories and symptoms.

One of the most incredible parts of EMDR for people is that patients do not have to go in-depth about their trauma. People can be retraumatized when discussing the past and that’s something Crossroads Collective doesn’t want to happen. 

We ask for the “headline” of the trauma and that’s all. This is a great option for people who aren’t capable of getting into too many details about the trauma. 

After the history, you will begin processing different pieces of trauma. 

Meet Colleen Franklin. 

Colleen Franklin has worked with children, youth and parents throughout her professional career. Through her work with clients, she’s worked very hard in finding the best therapies for working through trauma and PTSD. That’s exactly how she found EMDR! 

Colleen Franklin - Counsellor

Colleen Franklin says she’s excited about supporting people in the community to find resolution with issues and feel like they can cope and manage better.

“Trauma is such an overwhelming and difficult feeling for people. It is my goal to help people feel that their traumatic experience no longer has such a big presence in their life. When someone is able to fully process a traumatic experience and stop having their mind and body constantly overwhelmed they are able to start marking room for and experiencing  joy and happiness in their life again. This is what I love about this work, seeing people find hope.”

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Remember, trauma doesn’t have to live with you forever. We’re here to help you move through it and find happiness in your life.